Magic Festival

The Heir of Illusion

Prestigious festival in a warm atmosphere.
Galas, workshops, conferences and magic contests Paris Île de France.

Special : Live 2021

FFAP labeled Competition

The Heir of Illusion is the regional qualifying competition for the FFAP French Magic Championships (FFAP stands for “Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs” a.k.a. the French Federation of Magic).

In order to be recognized, this competition has been approved by the FFAP and conforms in its organisation to the requirements specified in the the regional competitions rules (jury designation, scoring, awards and operating procedures).

French National Magic Team Hiring

In order to highlight the unknown talents, this contest will allow them to earn many prizes. 1st prize of 1 000€, a second prize of 700€, a 3rd prize of 500€, a direct selection to the FFAP French Magic Championship.

Thanks to the partnership with the French National Magic Team, the candidates can also claim at the end of the competition to integrate the French National Magic Team.

A professional jury

The jury is composed of professionals of the spectacle and the magic of which at least one member of the Bureau of the French Federation, a representative of the French magic team and a chairman of the jury who will have been judge in National or International competitions.

The jury will note the candidates following the scoring grid used in the FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques).


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Made-to-measure trophies for this prestigious magic festival.
Illumine Création, Trophé de l’Héritier d’Or – 1st Place


In April was held the second edition of the Heir Illusion festival, combining competition (Ile-de-France) qualifier for the French championships FFAP, conferences, stands and galas. If it were necessary to summarize these 3 days in a word, it would probably be: “Wow! “, Enthusiasm shared by the public, candidates, artists and the town hall of Ablis (Yvelines)..

Returns in pictures

The winner of the precedent edition

François Pierce – Golden Heir 2018

François Pierce Héritier d'Or 2018 Magic Festival

Félix – Golden Heir 2019

Le Monde de Felix Héritier d'Or 2019 Magic Festival