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You will find below information about your profile. Do not forget to send us your photos that will be used for the communication of the event.

We will create an advertising poster with your photo and your contact information which will be offered to you for your communication.

1. Update your profile

Please update your profile to include your biography which will be used for press and communication purposes for your participation in the “Heir to Illusion” competition, as well as your social networks and your website.

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2. Send your photos

Send us your photos of your act live, in the studio (white background) or your poster to be included in the event’s communication.

candidats sélection 2022
bannière Roger Sala héritier illusion
format carre héritier candidat Roger Sala
bannière Héritier illusion Facebook Alice Ecila
Format carré héritier candidat Alice Ecila
bannière artiste héritier illusion Hannu Juntunen
Hannu Juntunen héritier candidat
ARTEM banniere artiste heritier illusion facebook
ARTEM Shchukin héritier de l'illusion candidat magicien magic show
bannière artiste Héritier illusion Maxim Gladshtein
format carre heritier candidat Maxim Gladshtein
Nicolas Longueshow banniere artiste heritier illusion facebook copie
nicolas longueshow heritier candidat
bannière artiste héritier illusion facebook Tom Wouda
format carre héritier candidat Tom Wouda

Application interface


To edit your profile, fill in your details and send your photos for communication purposes


Everything you need to know about the technical side of the competition. Technical sheet, photos of the stage, fire plan


All the information about the day and time of your arrival, your accommodation, the meals and the complete schedule


All the communication materials you can use for the event. Posters, Flyers, logo

For any questions

For any technical or logistical questions, we remain at your disposal. You can contact us directly by email by clicking below. We will answer you within 24 hours maximum