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Questions : Julien  0033 6 02152473 (whatsapp or phone)

Come to the festival :

Download and read BEFORE you leave !

Theater address : 43 Rue de la Libération, 78660 Ablis

Hôtel Rambouillet  : badge and address given on the day of your arrival.

Theater address = Centre Culturel Étincelles
43 Rue de la Libération
78660 Ablis


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Stage size
Stage access double door 2.20m x 2.60m
Stage frame 9,00m x 5,00m
Stage 9,00m x 7,50m + Proscenium 9,00m x 1 ;60m
Height under pole 6m
2 large dressing rooms with shower and toilet

Technical sheet template

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, we need your sound and light technical file. We are aware that creating a technical sheet can be complicated and tedious when it is your first time. That is why the technical team of the Héritier de l’Illusion offers you a blank technical sheet model to simplify your task. Do not hesitate to make good use of it.

Please return the form 2 weeks maximum before the event (As well as the soundtrack).

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The schedule below is indicative, it may change from day to day, we recommend you to check it from time to time.



10am to 12.30  – Arrival of competitors

12.30 : meals

1.40 to 2pm – Welcome meeting

2 pm to 3pm – Unloading of equipment

3.15 pm to 5pm – Candidates’ rehearsals + shooting photos

  • 9h to 10:30 – Breakfast at the Theater address : 43 Rue de la Libération, 78660 Ablis
  • am to 12:30 – Preparation of candidates (dressing rooms and backstage)
  • 10am to 12:00 – Studio photo shoot 
  • 12am to 12:20 – Final competition rehearsal (20min)
  • 12h30 to 1:30pm – Meals at the theatre
  • 1:30pm to 2:30pm – Preparation of candidates
  • 14h30 à 4pm – Héritier de l’Illusion Competition
  • 4pm – Award ceremony and photo shoot with the winners
  • 4pm to 5pm– Release of the stage by the candidates and installation of the gala artists + the 3 winners.
  • 6:30pm to 7:30pm – Unloading of candidate material
  • 7pm – Rehearsal of the 2 winners and gala finale
  • 8pm – Catering at the Theatre
  • 8:30pm – Héritier de l’Illusion Show
  • 11pm – Meal at the cultural centre for all artists and candidates
  • Minuit – Back to the accommodation


  • 9h00 to 11:00 – Breakfast at the Theater address : 43 Rue de la Libération, 78660 Ablis
  • 10:00 am à 12:30 am – Installation and rehearsals of the gala artists + the 2 winners.
  • 12:30 am – Meal at the theatre for the artists of the gala
  • 3:00 am – Gala of the Héritier de l’Illusion with the 2 winners
  • 5:00 am – End of the Héritier de l’illusion weekend