Registration to Héritier de l’Illusion

International Magic contest

6rd edition on 2023, April 2023

Heritier Illusion - Concours Contest French Paris FISM

1 – Download the Rules

Please read the contest rules carefully and complete them with the requested information.
This document must be returned before the 19th of December 2022.
No registration will be retained without return of the latter and the supporting documents requested.

2 – Fill in the registration rules

Once the payment has been read, signed and returned by email with the requested information, please complete the form.

3 – You will receive by email confirmation of your registration

You will receive an email confirming your pre-selection to Héritier de l’Illusion contest.

Based on FISM assessment form, a selection committee will keep 7 candidates.

This selection committee will propose to non-selected candidates written comments explaining reasons for refusal.

candidates max


nd Edition